Did you accidentally purchase PPI?

  • We have successfully located PPI on over 277,000 accounts in the last 6 months*
  • Highest customer's total claim value is £274,381*
  • Highest customer’s claim value to date £87,983*
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Let's get things up and running... If you've provided either your email or mobile phone details, we'll email or text you confirmation of your application. If you've given us your postal address only, we'll send a blank pack out for you to complete. (If you need any help with this please don't hesitate to contact us on 0800 082 2200)


Wait For Your Pack Or We'll Call You

If you've only given us your postal address, the pack will be sent out. If you've given us your phone number, we'll give you a call so that we can help you fill in some of the form. This partially completed form will then be sent to you.


Signed, Sealed, Delivered

The pack has a Letter Of Authority in it (one for each lender) which require your signature. Please read carefully the Terms of Engagement on the reverse, sign in the appropriate places, pop it back in the FREEPOST envelope, and we'll complete your check. Sometimes, life gets in the way of these things, we understand that...so we'll drop you an email, text message, or letter now and again (depending on the contact details you gave us) just to remind you if you've forgotten about your pack.


PPI Discovered?

We'll come back to you on whether you've paid PPI. If you have, you can claim with us and let us finish the job for you, or you can proceed yourself. There's no pressure either way.